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Topic: iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S breakdown estimates same $188 cost as iPhone 4

10/19/2011, 09:10 pm

A new teardown analysis of the iPhone 4S claims that the parts for the 16GB version of Apple's iPhone 4S cost $188, or just 50 cents more than the iPhone 4.


iPhone 4S delivers enhanced GPS with support for Russia's GLONASS

10/19/2011, 05:10 pm

Apple revealed this week that the new iPhone 4S adds support for Russia's proprietary GLONASS satellite location system, which can contribute to faster, more accurate results.


Apple expanding iPhone availability to smaller regional US carriers

10/19/2011, 12:10 pm

C Spire Wireless, a regional U.S. carrier with about 900,000 customers, revealed on Wednesday that it will be offering Apple's new iPhone 4S "soon," making it the first smaller carrier in America to have access to Apple's smartphone.


In depth review: Apple's iPhone 4S running iOS 5

10/19/2011, 09:10 am

Apple's iPhone 4S, at first glance, seems largely to be a refreshed iPhone 4. It is, but it also is not, thanks to three powerful new features that transform what has been the world's most popular smartphone into a vastly improved new version of itself.


Apple Q4 2011 earnings disappointment attributed to iPhone transition 'hiccup'

10/19/2011, 01:10 am

After Apple's quarterly earnings failed to live up to Wall Street consensus estimates, some analysts have labeled the September quarter a "transitional quarter" for Apple, while remaining reassured that the first quarter of iPhone 4S sales will make up for the so-called "hiccup."


Apple projects all-time high $37 billion holiday quarter

10/18/2011, 07:10 pm

Apple on Tuesday said it looks to hit $37 billion in revenue for the upcoming holiday quarter, a stunning $10 billion increase year over year, as expecting to set an all-time high with sales of the iPhone 4S.


Apple says its retail stores now require reservation for iPhone 4S buyers

10/17/2011, 06:10 pm

Apple said Monday that customers looking to purchase a new iPhone 4S from its US or Canadian based retail outlets will first be asked to make a reservation online, suggesting that record-setting sales of the device coupled with an upcoming international expansion are straining availability.


Samsung attempts to block sales of Apple's iPhone 4S in Japan, Australia

10/17/2011, 02:10 pm

Despite a recent legal setback in the Netherlands, Samsung is pushing forward with its legal attack against Apple's recently launched iPhone 4S, with a pair of new lawsuits looking to block the sale of the device in Japan and Australia.


Sales of Apple's iPhone 4S top four million in first weekend

10/17/2011, 09:10 am

The iPhone 4S got off to a record breaking start over the weekend, selling a total of 4 million units in its first three days of availability.


Siri development team one of the largest groups at Apple

10/17/2011, 08:10 am

The personality and sense of humor of Siri, the new voice control technology found in the iPhone 4S, was a carefully thought out decision made by one of the largest software teams at Apple.


First Look: Using iPhone 4S with Siri voice assistant (with videos)

10/14/2011, 11:10 pm

Most of the new features in iOS 5 simply run faster on the iPhone 4S, but one major new feature is exclusive to the new model: Siri voice assistant. Here's a look at how it works in action, responding to a variety of requests.


First look: Setting up the new iPhone 4S with iOS 5

10/14/2011, 06:10 pm

Thanks to iOS 5, iPhone 4S marks the first generation of iOS devices capable of being fully setup and activated without ever plugging into iTunes. Here's what the process looks like.


Grand Theft Auto III coming to iPhone 4S, iPad 2

10/14/2011, 06:10 pm

Rockstar Games will bring its popular Grand Theft Auto franchise to Apple's latest iOS devices to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the game's third episode.


Siri functionality limited outside US, but Apple promises updates in 2012

10/14/2011, 03:10 pm

Though the iPhone 4S launched in a total of seven countries on Friday, only users in the U.S. have access to Siri's Maps and businesses integration, while international users will gain more functionality in 2012.


AT&T activation overload forces some iPhone 4S owners to wait [u]

10/14/2011, 02:10 pm

Some customers attempting to activate their new iPhone 4S on Friday encountered server problems, and were met with a message in iOS 5 stating their activation was "pending." [Update: Some activations now "unavailable."]


73% of iPhone 4S buyers are upgraders, 19% chose 64GB model

10/14/2011, 01:10 pm

A new survey of customers in line at Apple stores on Friday to buy the iPhone 4S found that nearly three-quarters are upgrading from a previous version of the iPhone, while 27 percent are buying their first Apple handset.


Inside Apple's iPhone 4S: 'S' is for Sales

10/14/2011, 10:10 am

Already drawing record preorders and long lines, Apple's just-launched iPhone 4S is poised to become the best selling smartphone yet in the history of the company.


iPhone 4S launch draws crowds at Apple stores around the world

10/14/2011, 08:10 am

The debut of Apple's latest smartphone on Friday has drawn huge crowds at Apple stores around the world, including a long, rain-soaked line at the company's flagship Fifth Avenue store.


Teardown of Apple's iPhone 4S reveals larger battery, new baseband chip

10/13/2011, 02:10 pm

Before it's even officially released to the public, Apple's new iPhone 4S has been disassembled to unveil its slightly larger battery, as well as updated internal components like a new baseband chip and the dual-core A5 processor.


More users say they'll likely buy iPhone 4S than can find fault in it

10/13/2011, 02:10 pm

A survey of 1,300 smartphone users in the US found that half said they planned or considered to buy the new phone, while only 29 percent said they were disappointed in the new model.