AppleInsider Blurbs [04/15- 04/21]

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iTunes 1.2

Ever since the release of iTunes 1.1, the development team has been working on yet another release that will increase stability and add additional support for third party peripherals.

According to sources, version 1.2 of the software, which will be released around the same time that Roxio releases Toast 5.0.1, will now work flawlessly with the updated version of Toast and vice versa.

Apple Network Assistant 5.0 Beta

Apple has been working on a new release of Apple Network Assistant, according to reliable sources. The release, which began its seeding process in February, is version 5.0 and is written for Mac OS X.

The final feature set has yet to be determined.

Imation 2 in 1 FireDisk

Imation is apparently getting ready to market a new series of pocket-sized "FireDisk" drives in the United States. The drives are hybrid USB and FireWire and come in 10GB and 20GB capacities. They perform at 400Mb per second and 12Mb per second under FireWire and USB, respectively, and operate at 4200 rotations per minute.

According to sources, the drives may operate without the assistance of a power adapter when using a genuine 400Mbs FireWire port. The larger 20GB drive will apparently cost around $340 in the states.

QuickTime 5.0 Turns Beta 19

QuickTime 5.0, or as it is now referred to as QuickTime 5.0.1, turned beta 19 last Monday. According to sources, Apple will apparently required all users of QuickTime Pro 5.0 to purchase a new "Pro" registration key, regardless of whether they have paid for registrations previous to QuickTime 5.0 This will apparently be in effect for both Classic and Mac OS X versions of the QuickTime software.

Additionally, there are apparently still some issues with sound input and audio capture under the Mac OS X version of QuickTime 5 that need to be ironed out before its release.