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WWDC banner photo fuels speculation

A photo taken during setup activities for Apple Computer's World Wide Developers Conference is creating a buzz around the Mac web, drawing critiques and fueling speculation about what may be included in the company's announcements on Monday.

The photo (below) shows a walkway inside the Moscone Center flanked by two Apple banners, which are concealed in the traditional black cloth material. However, between the banners is a large, exposed Apple collage displaying some of the company's development assets and product lines.

Over at MacRumors, the guys point out that Apple (in the banner) is prominently displaying the "64-bit" emblem, though no relevant announcements have been made. So far Apple has used only 32-bit chips from Intel via the Core Duo (Yonah) processor line. Intel's recently announced Core 2 Duo (Conroe and Merom) and Xeon (Woodcrest) processors are 64-bit.

Offering a few more hints, Apple on its developer Web site all but affirmed that developers attending next week's WWDC will walk away with a preview of the company's next-generation Leopard operating system. A QuickTime application programming interface (API) example posted amongst some new sample code listed "Leopard Preview" as a requirement before it was abruptly removed.

Meanwhile, some Mac users over on Flickr got so hung up on the aforementioned WWDC banner that they decided to annotate it for the rest of us.