MacBook snaps photos inside Apple repair depot

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What do you get when you write a script that instructs your MacBook to take a photo every time it wakes up from sleep, then send the notebook in for repairs? Photographs from the inside of one of Apple Computer's repair facilities.

That's exactly how things turned out for Flickr user OmegaStation. Using the Automator application that ships with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, he had written a small workflow script for his MacBook that instructs the built-in iSight cam to snap an image every time the notebook wakes up from sleep, then upload those images to a Flickr account.

Having forgotten about the script, the user at some point needed repairs done to his MacBook and shipped the notebook off to Apple. It was to his surprise when images began appearing on his Flickr account — apparently from inside one of Apple's authorized repair facilities, Flextronics International in Tennessee.

Although OmegaStation has since removed or edited many of the photos due to privacy concerns (the cam snapped the faces of several Apple technicians), a few remain available:

The MacBook arrives at "Receiving" in Apple's Tennessee facility
Apple Repair Depot, TN
An Apple tech examines Mr. MacBook (face disguised)
Apple Repair Depot, TN
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