AT&T: iPhone pre-sales will not be allowed

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In a pre-launch channel communications sales brief to its retail stores, wireless carrier AT&T has instructed employees not to form wait lists or conduct pre-sales for Apple's upcoming iPhone.

According to the internal document published at the BoyGeniusReport blog, the world's largest wireless carrier will soon provide its staffers with web based training, workbooks and other iPhone product overviews to help in preparation for next month's launch.

The memo also includes the following notes of interest:

  • "The exact date has not been announced, specific dates should not be provided to customers."
  • "Sales for the iPhone will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • No wait lists of names will be taken and NO pre-selling is allowed."
  • Two models of the iPhone will be available, a 4GB will retail at $499 and an 8GB will retail at $599."
  • "If asked what the price will be, answer that the prices have been announced as $499 for the 4G and $599 for the 8G, respectively."
  • "There should NOT be any additional speculation/discusson about pricing."
  • "AT&T will be the only wireless carrier in the U.S. launching the iPhone and will have exclusivity for the foreseeable future."

For those interested, a copy of the two-page memo can be seen in its entirety on the following page.


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