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BMW iPhone integration; Woz in line; Fox News mic jacking

BMW plans to be the first automaker to offer a custom iPhone integrated solution within its automobiles. Meanwhile, Woz politely declines Steve Jobs' offer for an iPhone and is instead waiting amongst the masses. And, uh oh — we have our first TV reporter mic jacking of the afternoon out in New York.

BMW to introduce iPhone connectivity

This afternoon, BMW will be the first automaker to announce a fully integrated system for Apple's brand-new iPhone.

Initially, the German automaker will only offer integration for U.S. models, but with international sales of the iPhone a given, BMW is likely to extend the technology across to other markets.

Woz: 'No thanks, Steve. I'll wait like everyone else.'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak doesn't have to wait in line for one of the company's first mobile handsets, but he's doing so anyway out in San Jose. Althogh Woz is due to receive a complimentary iPhone from Steve Jobs on Saturday, he has a few other reasons to stay the wait.

Woz wants one immediately — plus some for his three children — and is standing in an hours-long line for the first time since 1972, when he coveted Rolling Stones concert tickets.

He and his friends are handing out T-shirts that read, "The Line Begins Here." Woz is also reported to have brought along his Segway Human Transporter for bathroom runs.

Fox News reporter gets mic jacked in NY

Back in New York, things have got a little rowdy. Watch as a crazed iPhone fan blows up an interview between Fox News reporter Laura Ingle and Newsweek's Steve Levy when he abruptly jumps in and grabs the mic. Mid-day photos from the Apple's Fifth Ave. store also follow:

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iPhone line in NYC
iPhone line in NYC
iPhone line in NYC
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