Apple sells iPhone online with 2-4 week delay

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It's now possible to learn about and order accessories for Apple's just-launched iPhone — though buyers who choose to go online may face a substantial wait.

Online Apple Store returns

Following an hours-long shutdown, the online Apple Store has returned with a new "Shop iPhone" section that mimics the previous iPod store-within-a-store.

Though minimal at present, the store includes sub-sections for cases, connectors, phone headsets, and power adapters.

With the exception of the USB Power Adapter already produced for the iPod, however, the iPhone and all accessories are estimated to take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship from the company's warehouses.

iPhone accessory list goes live

To help newcomers to its handset, Apple has backed up its online store's listings with a basic accessory guide that lists all of the first-party peripherals for the device.

Most are replacement cables and adapters that are bundled with the iPhone, though the list also explains the basics of extras such as the $129 Bluetooth headset (which includes a dock and travel cable) or the TTY adapter for the deaf.

Apple also elaborates on backwards compatibility with iPod accessories. Some devices may cause interference and will trigger the phone's Airplane Mode, shutting off wireless. This can be manually disabled with the possibility that the devices can disrupt calls, the company notes.


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