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Purported T-Mobile ad claims 3G iPhone for Germany in November

A print advertisement rumored to have leaked out of T-Mobile Germany suggests that Apple could launch a 3G-capable iPhone in the region on November 12th.

Originally published by MacBidouille, the ad (also below) promises a version of the Apple handset with support for 3G-level cellular Internet access using both the US-friendly HSDPA format and typically Europe-only UMTS, with theoretical download speeds reaching the format's full 3.6Mbps.

Aside from obvious references to 3G-capable speeds and a suspicious one-off mention of a "16GB iPod," the ad otherwise describes an iPhone akin to the U.S. model, complete with a 2-megapixel camera and Visual Voicemail capabilities.

Electronista, which transcribed much of the German-language text, notes that the supposed "3G iPhone" would sell for 499 Euros ($687) including a coupon for the iTunes Store, and would be available with phone plans that all offer unlimited data and vary only in terms of general calling minutes and SMS messages.

An "L" plan would offer 200 minutes and 100 messages for 50 Euros ($69) per month; "XL" and "XXL" plans would jump to 300 and 400 minutes respectively for 60 Euros ($83) and 70 Euros ($96) per month with 150 and 200 messages each.

T-Mobile has yet to officially confirm its selection as Germany's exclusive carrier for the Apple handset, but has already been caught preparing support materials for the product, in one case hosting images for the product on its own website. Similarly, resource files embedded in the U.S. version of the iPhone also list "T-Mobile" as one of the handset's international "default carriers."

Germany, by way of T-Mobile, is expected to be just one of three European countries to receive the Apple handset later this year. O2 of the UK and an Orange of France are expected to emerge as the other two exclusive providers in their regions.