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iPod touch software 1.1.2 adds calendar functions


Arriving alongside iPhone software version 1.1.2 on Thursday evening was iPod touch software version 1.1.2, which adds new calendar functionality to the touch-screen media players.

The 158MB update began turning up via iTunes for some iPod touch users in the late evening hours, but is also available as a raw download for those users who don't mind triggering the install manually.

Thus far, one of the only visible features delivered by the update appears to be the ability to add and edit calendar events through the Touch's calendar application. Although these capabilities had long been available to iPhone users, Apple omitted them from the initial version of the Touch software presumably to help differentiate the player from the iPhone.

For his part, however, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs in a recent email response to a customer chalked the absence of the functions up to an oversight, calling it a "bug."

"The inability to edit and add calendar events is a bug that will be fixed in a future software update," he said.