Apple posts new iPhone SDK, Final Cut Server, Pro App updates

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Apple on Thursday evening released a new version of its iPhone developer kit that also mentions a test version of iTunes 7.7, AppleInsider has learned. Also, updates have been released for Final Cut Server and the Pro Application Support framework.

iPhone SDK Beta 8

Those familiar with Apple's third-party iPhone development software say that Beta 8 alludes to a special, pre-release version of the iTunes 7.7 jukebox software necessary to load a matching new version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware on the device itself, suggesting that Apple is nearing the point at which it will let developers test third-party software and the App Store in real-world conditions.

This iTunes release hasn't yet been seeded along with the new SDK, according to the people familiar with the revision.

Appropriately, the SDK suite itself is said to be focused almost exclusively on bug fixes rather than introducing new features.

Registered developers should have access to Beta 8 through the iPhone Dev Center.

Final Cut Server Update 1.1

Professional video editors can now download Final Cut Server Update 1.1 (50.1MB), a maintenance fix for the pro media management tool.

The patch tackles problems with checking resources in or out of Final Cut Pro projects and addresses flaws when using languages or fonts that require double bytes. "General reliability" is also improved, according to Apple.

Pro Applications Update 2008-02

On the client end of Apple's video suites, Pro Applications Update 2008-02 (138MB) primarily fixes installation problems as well as improving compatibility, performance, and reliability.

The large file size is due to the inclusion of Final Cut 6.0.4 and Compressor 3.0.3 updates that are necessary at the same time.


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