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NBC sees a million downloads since return to iTunes


Having buried the hatchet with Apple, NBC last week returned to supplying its content to the iTunes Store — a move that has been met with gangbuster results, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Users of Apple's popular digital storefront had no problem relocating NBC Uni's TV shows now that a new deal between the companies on Sept. 9 restored episodes," the publication said. "More than 1 million downloads for NBC Uni TV properties have been tallied since then, according to Apple."

Prior to its bitter breakup with the iPod maker last fall, it was reported that the network's content was accounting for roughly 40 percent of all video downloads on iTunes. As part of its return to the service last week, NBC pledged to offer one free download from each of its top series — in standard or HD — during the first two weeks.

As such, MacRumors

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a significant portion of its 1 million episode tally may have been a result of these complimentary offerings, rather than paid offerings. TUAW had previously compiled a list of the network's free HD offerings, available below: