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Sesame Street on iTunes; 4th NYC store building; DC back taxes

Parents now have the option of buying full Sesame Street shows from iTunes to keep their children up to date. Meanwhile, Apple has started its earliest construction work on its fourth Manhattan-area retail store but still owes a hefty amount in back taxes for an unused Washington, DC location.

Sesame Street launches on iTunes

While already available on public access TV, PBS' long-running childrens' show Sesame Street is now available on iTunes.

Currently only available for the 35th season, the show is priced at the standard $1.99 per episode. Other, more recent seasons will be available over time, but classic episodes won't be available for now as PBS is keen to protect DVD sales for its earliest 10 seasons.

The initiative launches at the same time as similar efforts on the web through Hulu and YouTube.

Construction starts on fourth Manhattan Apple store

It's still in the early going, but Apple's fourth flagship in New York City's Manhattan borough has finally gotten underway, Racked notes in a new photo collection.

Living up to reports from nearly a year ago, Apple has torn out the old Victoria's Secret building at the corner of 67th and Broadway in favor of its own, still-unknown design.

The early stages of Apple's 67th and Broadway store. Image credits: Racked.

In its present state, the new store is unlikely to launch until well into 2009 at the earliest.

Apple out on taxes for Washington, DC retail space

A curious AppleInsider reader has noticed that Apple hasn't yet paid its taxes on its long-inactive Washington, DC location along Wisconsin Avenue in the capital city.

We passed the tip along to veteran retail tracker Gary Allen of ifo Apple Store, who confirmed the report through local records that show Apple hasn't paid the $70,162.17 in taxes it owes after purchasing the property in September of last year. The more than year-long delay has led the city's government to issue two penalties that have now boosted the Mac maker's taxes owed to $84,545.42.

Why Apple hasn't paid the taxes remains a mystery, as does if or when Apple will develop and open a store in the area. Apple has a number of stores in close range, including its very early Tysons Corner store in 2001, but has never opened a proper Washington location.

iPhone's push notification service
Apple's back taxes on its unused Washington, DC retail property. Image credits: ifo Apple Store.