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Video of claimed next-gen Mac Mini surfaces online

After being challenged over a still image, the source for what seems a leaked future Mac mini has now posted a video that shows the device from all sides.

While its authenticity has been disputed, the mystery system has gained what appears to be supporting proof of its existence from MacRumors forum poster "monthy," who on Friday posted a brief video tour of the Mac mini shown in the photo.

The clip shows a case which is fundamentally identical to the current compact desktop, including its wrap-around aluminum skin, white plastic top, and slot-load optical drive, but continues to show the exact same change in ports as before. A fifth USB port has been added, while Mini DisplayPort and mini DVI replace the earlier, full-size DVI video connector. FireWire 800 also replaces the earlier FIreWire 400 port.

No voice-over or other commentary is provided with the video, though in the previous leak the forum poster also claimed to know the system has architecture largely similar to a modern MacBook: the update would contain a 2GHz Core 2 Duo with a 1066MHz system bus, 2GB of DDR3 memory and a Serial ATA-based SuperDrive.

The video is labeled "Mac mini 2009 edition," clearly asserting that the system is intended for a release this year.

While the video and the image that inspired it haven't yet been corroborated, the two lend support to beliefs that Apple will revive its long-dormant budget computer efforts after roughly one and a half years of silence. Those familiar with Apple's intentions in the past have maintained that the Mac mini will use an NVIDIA platform that gives the desktop faster graphics and support for technologies like DisplayPort.