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Numerous third party case photos support iPod camera rumors

A plethora of recently revealed Chinese third-party iPod cases seem to corroborate rumors that cameras will be included in new models of the iPod touch and iPod nano, expected to be released later this year.

Discovered by Cult of Mac, dozens of pictures of new iPod touch and iPod nano cases show camera holes on the external covers. The iPod nano camera hole is placed on the bottom left corner of the back of the device, while the iPod touch lens looks to be at the center of the device, unlike the iPhone.

If legitimate, these pictures seem to support previous, recurring rumors that some of the iPod line would be receiving camera upgrades this year.

Manufacturers are reportedly already sending out samples of the cases to resellers. Cult of Mac obtained pictures from e-mails and PowerPoint presentations sent from several different Chinese companies to U.S. accessory makers.

Also reaffirming prior rumors, the case for the new iPod nano reportedly features a wider screen. The case suggests the new screen would carry a 1.5:1 aspect ratio, compared to the 1.33:1 featured on the current model. The case also accommodates a smaller click wheel.

While the iPod nano has never featured a camera before, the media player has shipped with a built-in photo viewer.

iPod touch with camera

The iPod touch also already has a built-in photo viewer, while the camera software would likely be ported over from the iPhone OS.