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Embedded content gets new look with Apple's QuickTime X

Apple is reportedly exploring a new design interface for Web-embedded content in QuickTime X, eschewing the current gray palette and adopting a sleek, black look for the controls while viewing media.

According to information from an AppleInsider reader, the new QuickTime X interface for embedded media is similar to a design tweak reportedly given to the QuickTime player for content accessed locally. Much like the proposed tweaks to the QuickTime X standalone player, the cosmetic changes for embedded content controls would signal a shift from the program's longstanding traditional look.

QuickTime X is the latest iteration of Apple's media software. It is due to ship with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard this September. Apple has described the update as an application that "optimizes support for modern audio and video formats resulting in extremely efficient media playback."

The new QuickTime X design for embedded content adopts a black theme.

Earlier this year, AppleInsider unveiled the proposed new look of the QuickTime X Player. Unlike the current version of QuickTime Player 7.6 — which reserves considerable real estate for sizable, platinum-themed video controls at the base of the each player window — QuickTime X Player is said to forgo all traditional interface controls in favor of video overlay controls (like those that appear when you mouse over video in full-screen mode of the current Player software).

QuickTime X
An artist's mockup of the minimal QuickTime X Player window interface in Snow Leopard.

The only window-based interface element in the QuickTime X Player is reportedly the title bar, which is reminiscent of the iPhone's semi-transparent black glass interface while also adopting hues from the video frames playing beneath it. However, this too fades away and disappears with the new overlay controls so videos appear to float on the screen with nothing more than a deep shadow surrounding all four sides.