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Verizon sets its sights on Apple, AT&T in ad campaign


Verizon has upped the ante in its battle versus Apple and AT&T, airing a series of ads which make claims of AT&T's lack of 3G coverage and iPhone shortcomings.

In a 30 second advertisement which first aired Saturday during the ALCS baseball game, Verizon unveiled a new ad targeting the iPhone. The ad, which greatly resembles Apple's stylized spots, listed several of the iPhone's proposed weaknesses when compared to Verizon's new Droid smartphone with the tagline "iDon't."

No real details about the Droid phone were presented in the spot, instead viewers were directed to a Web site where e-mail addresses could be submitted for more information.

This is not the first ad that has specifically lampooned the iPhone. Verizon also released an ad which compares the 3G coverage of their service to that of AT&T's, using the tagline "there's a map for that." It parodies Apple's own iPhone advertisements, which have famously touted that "There's an app for that."

Verizon was one of the carriers that Apple originally looked to before the initial launch of the iPhone, but Verizon ultimately passed on an exclusive 5-year deal, citing a variety of issues from Apple royalties to customer care.