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Apple's 'Worldwide Loyalty Team' ensures secrets stay secret


Gizmodo highlights the story of Apple's 'Gestapo' Loyalty Team as relayed by a Cupertino employee known simply as Tom.

The story of Apple's "Worldwide Loyalty Team" starts simply: "Among some employees, they are known as the Apple Gestapo, a group of moles always spying in headquarters and stores, reporting directly to Jobs and Oppenheimer. Here's how they hunt people down."

With tongue implanted somewhat-in-cheek, Gizmodo relayed the harrowing tale Tuesday, of an Apple employee known by the name of Tom.

According to the source, Apple takes leaks very seriously. When a leak is suspected, a very specific protocol is followed, involving the confiscation of all cell phones and a total blackout of all unmonitored communication. "It is like a gag order, and if the employee does not want to participate they are basically asked to leave and never come back," says Tom.

"The same Worldwide Loyalty Team does many other things to keep everyone in check, from searching out the email history of every employee, to seeding fake images to catch potential leaks and diffuse the hype about some product introductions."

The story ends with a allusion to Apple's famous '1984' commerical, "I wonder if the special forces have ever chased anyone though the Infinite Loop campus, dressed in their full regalia: I wouldn't be surprised."