Resellers offer over 7% off new MacBook Pros with discount coupons

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A handful of Apple authorized resellers began reflecting stock of the company's new MacBook Pros on Wednesday, offering discounts of up to 7% (or $165) through special discount coupons.

Thus far, none of the resellers appear to have received their first shipments of either the 2.4GHz 13-inch MacBook Pro or 2.66GHz 13-inch MacBook Pro. On the other hand, most are reflecting immediate availability of the new Core i5 and Core i7 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros.

Of all the resellers, MacMall has the lowest prices across the line when exclusive 3% discount coupons for AppleInsider readers are added to its already reduced pricing. It's also offering free shipping on all orders in addition to mail-in-rebates good for a free copy of Parallels 5.0 and a free 8GB Flash drive.

More specifically, it's selling the 2.4GHz 13" MacBook Pro for $1,125.19, the 2.66GHz 13" MacBook Pro for $1,406.49, the 2.4GHz 15" MacBook Pro for $1,687.79, the 2.53GHz 15" MacBook Pro for $1,872.09, the 2.66GHz 15" MacBook Pro for $2,036.99, and the 2.53GHz 17" MacBook Pro for $2,133.99. Total savings can be seen via the Mac Price Guide, below:

The same 3% discount coupons are also valid on previous-generation MacBooks, which MacMall has reduced by as much as $462, including $301 off the 2.66GHz 15" MacBook Pro ($1,697.49), $359 off the 2.80GHz 15" MacBook Pro ($1,939.99) and $462 off the 2.80GHz 17" MacBook Pro ($2,036.99). Prices and discounts on other previous generation models can be seen in the section of AppleInsider's Mac Price Guide listed as "Previous Generation Macs (2009)."

When placing orders through resellers who offer discounts through coupons, the discounts are reflected as "Instant Discount(s)" during checkout, after the items have been added to your shopping cart. Discount may not appear in full before items are added to your shopping cart.