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Nike+ heart rate monitor for Apple iPod coming June 1


First revealed last year following the release of Apple's fifth-generation iPod nano, the Nike + iPod Compatible Heart Rate Monitor is finally set for a U.S. release of June 1.

The news comes from a "Nike+ Pro" on the shoemaker's official forums. While the person did not reveal why the hardware has taken so long to arrive, they did announce the U.S. release, which will be followed by other international releases this summer.

"It will officially launch (in the U.S.) on June 1, 2010, although it may reach some retail outlets slightly sooner," the Nike official, named Clover, wrote. "It will reach Canadian markets in June and will launch internationally in summer 2010, exact date to be determined."

The person said they were not able to reveal the product's price, color, or device compatibility. However, an update to the Nike + iPod user guide last September stated that only the fifth-generation iPod nano was compatible with the new heart rate monitor.

Last year, people familiar with the matter told AppleInsider that the accessory was initially expected to launch alongside the new iPod nano. However, it was delayed until June for unknown reasons.

Evidence of the heart rate monitor can be found in the Nike+ menu on an iPod. The "Heart Rate Monitor" selection is available under the Nike + iPod settings. There, users can wirelessly link the device to their iPod nano.

Released last year, the latest iPod nano has a built-in pedometer for fitness-minded users. The device's built-in accelerometer helps to keep track of steps and meet fitness goals, with options for daily goals or constant step counting. Users can also track their runs and performance through the Nike + iPod sport kit, which includes a wireless sensor to be placed in the insole of a runner's shoe.