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Apple updates QuickTime for Windows, Pro Applications

Apple has released minor security and stability updates for QuickTime for Windows and its suite of Pro Applications.

Quicktime 7.6.8 is available for Windows 7, Vista, and XP SP2. The update resolves a path searching issue in QuickTime Picture Viewer and an ActiveX control issue that could lead to arbitrary code execution. Neither of the issues affect Mac OS X.

Pro Applications Update 2010-02 adds "compatibility for new camera formats, improves overall stability," and addresses several other minor issues. The update is recommended for users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, and Logic Studio.

The 321 MB download contains Final Cut Pro 7.0.3, Motion 4.0.3, Color 1.5.3, Compressor 3.5.3, Apple Qmaster 3.5.3. The last Pro Applications Update came in March.

Motion 4.0.3 fixes "an Optical Flow issue affecting Motion, Final Cut Pro, and Compressor on computers with more than 8 cores," and "a usability issue in the 3D Compass for the ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics cards for iMac and Mac Pro."

Color 1.5.3 is now compatible with XDCAM HD422 720p24/p25/p30. An issue where "a backslash character in a media file name would cause Color to quit unexpectedly" has been resolved.

Compressor 3.5.3 "adds a compression setting optimized for iPad and iPhone 4" and "fixes an issue with incorrectly configuring the field order property of a QuickTime movie when using frame controls."

  • Adds real-time compatibility with Sony XDCAM HD422 720p24/p25/p30.
  • Adds Log and Transfer compatibility for Sony NXCAM MPEG2 SD formats.
  • Control-G now closes the correct gap in the Timeline under the playhead.
  • Fixes several issues with closed captioning .scc files and Print to
  • Tape/Video including:
    • Outputting to AJA Io HD now preserves closed caption data.
    • When outputting the same sequence multiple times, users can choose different .scc files.
    • Print to Tape/Video no longer hangs with certain types of .scc data and Snow Leopard.
  • The speed of importing AVCHD with LPCM audio is now similar to other types of AVCHD imports.
  • AVCHD thumbnail images in SD are now the correct 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • XML export now retains the carriage return when working with text and third-party applications.
  • Several memory fragmentation issues have been resolved.
  • Localized versions of Final Cut Pro now recognize HDV devices that use the 1080i60/1080i50 FireWire Basic Easy Setups.
  • Log and Transfer supports ingesting more than one format recorded to the same SD card.
  • Final Cut Pro will no longer occasionally report tape trouble incorrectly when capturing from a tape source.