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Apple looking to assist iOS developers with 'secret' summit - rumor

Apple is said to be hosting an exclusive, secret three-day summit next week in California for iOS developers, in an effort to improve the quality of software on the App Store.

The event is believed to be a "more intimate version" of the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour that Apple held last year, according to Silicon Alley Insider. Developers will be granted time with Apple engineers, and may even receive hands-on help with their applications.

"The big idea, it seems, is an effort to improve the quality of iOS apps available in Apple's App Store," the report said. "This comes as Google's rival Android platform continues to look better to developers, and receives more of their attention and investment."

Little else is known about the alleged event, including how big it is, what the sessions will include, or even who is attending. It is believed the event has been timed in anticipation of the release of iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

iOS 4.2 will mark the debut of iOS 4 and its new features, including folders and multitasking, on the iPad. It will also be the first time that the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will all be running the same version of iOS.