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Inside Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: new iOS-like About this Mac app

After converted Mac OS X's Apple Menu to link to the new Mac App Store market rather than just linking to its "Mac OS X Software" web page, Apple has now turned its attention to the pedestrian "About This Mac," providing easy access to system details.

The command now launches a simple new app titled System Information, which provides an Overview panel linking to both Software Updates and a hardware System Report (which launches the existing System Profiler for more detailed information).

A Displays panel details the current video interface and settings, providing a link to the Display panel in System Preferences.

The Storage panel provides an iTunes-like overview of how disk space is being used by each attached volume and partition, providing a link to Disk Utility.

Memory and Battery panels detail the status of installed RAM and batteries, linking to an external website of "memory upgrade instructions" and the Energy Saver panel of System Preferences.

The new app also provides links to Support information, including a Mac OS X user manual and link to Apple's OS support pages, as well as a hardware user manual, specifications, and hardware support pages.

Finally, a Service panel provides links to AppleCare for checking warranty coverage status and other options for service and repair, along with a link selling an extended AppleCare agreement.