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Aperture 3 removal from Mac App Store, could suggest new update [u]

Apple's Aperture app has suddenly disappeared from the Mac App Store after weeks of sitting among the top grossing apps, suggesting a new version may be around the corner [update: now available again].

When the Mac App Store debuted in early January, Apple's own Aperture 3 was one of its biggest hits, thanks in part to a steeply discounted $79 price. The professional photography title remained in the store's top grossing titles.

However, the title has now disappeared from the Mac App Store with no mention of an update, although Apple's Aperture 3 page is still in place and offering a free 30 day trial.

Update: Aperture is once again available for sale in the Mac App Store at its $79.99 discounted price, and is again listed as the top grossing app in the US Mac App Store. Users in other regions have reported that the app was never removed from their local version of the Mac App Store, including Canada and Australia.