Error 3200: Massive iOS 5 demand hinders Apple’s servers

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Apple's servers were bogged down on Wednesday from an overwhelming number of iOS users trying to update their devices to the newest version of the software, prompting some to receive an “Error 3200” message.

The error code appears during iOS 5 installation when a request for authorization from an updating device fails to be fulfilled by Apple's servers. The company said the issue stemmed from the massive amount of simultaneous attempts from users trying to download the new software.

For some, attempts to update have left them without access to the iPhone. For instance, one AppleInsider reader reported that his iPhone became useless, or bricked, after receiving the error message because the handset couldn't get through to Apple's authentication servers to reactivate the phone. The reader went on to say that Apple's Fifth Ave. store was flooded with customers bringing in bricked devices, asking staff for help.

Apple's servers are said to be only accepting about half the requests, and even if access is granted, users have reported that the download takes about 15 minutes. It has also been noted that, following a successful download, the backup process is taking much longer than usual to complete, with some seeing 3 hour wait times.

Other problems have been reported from users trying to upgrade to iOS 5, including the inability to access iCloud.

Some iPhone updaters have seen a "3004" error message as well, followed by the bricking of their device. The message refers to iTunes not being able to connect with Apple's update server, which is in line with what company representatives believe caused the "3200" error message.

A discussion thread started on Apple’s Support Communities forum details the various issues users are having with the iOS 5 rollout.

Service representatives said that Apple is currently working on the authentication issue, claiming that the problem would be resolved in a few hours, reports website Mashable.

Apple released iOS 5 early Wednesday, which is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, and third- and fourth-generation iPod touches. In order to perform the upgrade, users must have the new iTunes 10.5 installed on their Mac or Windows PC.