iPhone used to record parts of Marvel's 'The Avengers' feature film

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It was revealed on Thursday that the cinematographer filming 'The Avengers' used an iPhone to shoot footage for the upcoming high-budget film.

The Irish Film and Television Network reported that Oscar-nominated cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, in his first big-budget action film, used Apple’s smartphone instead of high-priced equipment for certain shots in the super-hero blockbuster.

“On 'The Avengers,' I did a couple of shots on the iPhone and they are in the movie,” McGarvey said. “In fact they are in the trailer!”

McGarvey did not specify which shots were taken by the handset, and failed to identify which model was used to record the scenes, though only two iPhones with video recording capabilities were available during principle shooting in April. Unless the cinematographer had early access to Apple's recently released iPhone 4S, the footage comes from either the iPhone 3GS, which has a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera or the 5-megapixel, 720p HD-capable iPhone 4.

Detailing his decision to use the iPhone, McGarvey explained that he didn’t make a compromise when choosing the handset, saying that "every piece of kit should be tailored to what you're trying to achieve." He goes on to underscore that camera equipment does not define a film, but rather the decisions made with what is available.

“I understand that sometimes there is no choice and you have to go for the cheapest option, but if you are limited for choice, you can still make poignant decisions that will effect the look of the film,” he said.

McGarvey's previous films include relatively low-budget dramas like 'Atonement,' 'Charlotte's Web' and 'The World Trade Center.' He notes that working on 'The Avengers' was a vast change from his previous work, bringing more money and thus more sophisticated equipment to the project.

'The Avengers' will be released on May 4, 2012.