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iTunes, iCloud error currently obstructing some content downloads

Apple confirmed on Thursday an ongoing error with iTunes in the Cloud where some users are unable to download or stream content.

TheNextWeb's Matthew Panzarino contacted Apple Support to discuss a "this item cannot be downloaded on this network" error message that he and other users had been receiving on the Apple TV. the message directs users to do either "connect to a Wi-Fi network or download it" on their computers.

The company's support representative indicated that the issue appeared to have begun around 3:30 Pacific time, roughly the same time as when Panzarino encountered it.

"The support person said that the problem, as far as they know, has to do with the iTunes cloud or its servers and that there was currently no ETA for a fix," the report read.

An Apple Support Community thread on the issue has generated several dozen replies and over a thousand views.

Apple TV error

Credit: TheNextWeb

"I just spoke with Apple Support, they are currently having a problem, they don't know what is causing it," wrote user 'bdb0311'. "It seems to be on all platforms and the problem only occurs when your try to download anything over 15mb. They do not have a ETA yet for when this problems gets resolve."

Apple's iCloud Support page currently lists all services as online with a timestamp of March 16, 2012 15:54 PDT.