Tim Cook: Apple will show off 'cool ideas' for Siri in coming months

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Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook hinted at the future of Siri in an interview on Tuesday, stating the company has "a lot going on" in its development that users will see over the coming months.

Speaking about Siri during the D10 conference on Tuesday, Cook said Siri is one of the most popular features of the iPhone 4S. But he hinted that Apple is nowhere near done with its development, stating the company has "some cool ideas about what Siri can do."

"I think Siri has proven that voice is something people want to do," he said in an interview at the D10 conference on Tuesday, where AppleInsider is in attendance. He added that customers will "be pleased with where Siri is going," and that new features will be seen in the "coming months."

Cook also explained that the key feature of Siri is not the voice recognition technology of it, but instead the understanding of natural human language. He said that the artificial intelligence of Siri is "something people have dreamed about for years."

The Apple CEO also said that Siri could be improved if it were made broader, and that the company sees "unbelievable potential" in expanding the technology. Cook revealed that Apple is "doubling down" on Siri development.

But he said he thinks what makes Siri truly resonate with users is the fact that the iPhone 4S personal assistant has "a personality."

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