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Rumor: Online battery test log points to possible 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro

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An as-yet unannounced MacBook Pro model made an appearance in the log of an online battery test archive with a machine identifier possibly pointing to a 13-inch version of Apple's Retina Display-toting notebook lineup.

Unconfirmed data found by AppleInsider reader Sam shows a listing on battery performance compiler Mini Battery Logger's website for a "MacBookPro10,2" which could be a next-generation version of Apple's 13-inch notebook if the company's coding scheme is followed.

It should be made clear that AppleInsider cannot vouch for the legitimacy of the log listing and merely offers the finding for discussion.

The recently-released 13-inch MacBook Pro is labeled "MacBookPro9,2" while the 15-inch model is "MacBookPro9,1." Apple flipped the numbering scheme with the current models as the company previously assigned the "MacBookProX,1" code to smaller-screened notebooks while larger versions carried the "MacBookProX,2" code as seen with the previous generation "MacBookPro8,1" and "MacBookPro8,2" which 13-inches and 15-inches, respectively.

Following the new numbering system, Apple named the next-generation Retina Display-toting 15-inch MacBook Pro "MacBookPro10,1" as seen in Tuesday's benchmark test and Geekbench Browser search results, thus the "MacBookPro10,2" code found online could logically be a smaller unannounced 13-inch Retina Display model.

According to the log listing, the last data upload date was April 25, 2012 after the battery had undergone only four cycles. As there are no logs for the new 15-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro on the site, the formerly-undiscovered log listing could either be a prototype or just a mis-labeled device.

"MacBookPro10,2" listing points to 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro. | Source: Mini Battery Logger

While the site doesn't list machine specs or benchmarks, the data mined from the battery does fit the specs for a next-gen 13-inch MacBook Pro. The voltage output is similar to current Apple notebooks with a design capacity of 6580 mAh, which is much higher than the regular small-screen Pro's 5770 mAh and nears the 6900 mAh cells found in 15-inch models. The battery was manufactured in early March by SMP, a company Apple previously sourced parts from but seemingly not on a side-scale basis.

As of this writing, the specific battery used in "MacBookPro10,2" is not used in any other laptop on the website's data log.