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More doctors are embracing Apple Vision Pro for precision 'keyhole' surgeries

Apple Vision Pro and its battery

The Apple Vision Pro is continuing to get praise from the medical community, with it being used in even more surgical procedures requiring precision and detail.

Since its launch, the Apple Vision Pro has been adopted by surgeons to help perform operations on patients. The latest instance of surgical use comes from India, with the headset used to perform over 30 procedures so far.

Surgeons in Chennai's GEM Hospital are using the headset to perform laparoscopic surgeries, also known as "Keyhole" surgeries. It has been used in treatments for gall bladder issues, stomach cancer, fistulas, and hernias, reports FirstPost.

GEM Hospitals COO and surgical gastroenterologist Dr R. Parthasarathy has been an extensive user of the Apple Vision Pro, and is bullish about its benefits in surgery.

"There is no delay in transmission," the doctor told The Hindu. "I had a better vision and was connected to the real world."

Parthasarathy added that whatever could be seen in the monitor that displays the surgical tool's view and data was also visible in the headset.

"In addition, if I want to view a CT scan, I can simultaneously see it in the device itself. It will display the scan adjacent to the surgery screen," he added. All this helps to avoid the surgeon from turning their head to see different monitors, which could disrupt the surgery.

In cases when he wanted a second opinion, he was able to place a FaceTime call to a surgeon in another city. They could see the surgery and the scan and offer their opinion.

Previously, the Apple Vision Pro was revealed to have been used in surgeries in Brazil and the United States. In the UK, one surgeon used the Apple Vision Pro to replace his HoloLens 2.