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Revised Apple website no longer calls iOS 6 Maps most 'powerful'

In the wake of criticism over its Maps application for iOS 6, Apple has revised its website to no longer refer to the software as the most "powerful mapping service ever."

The change, made to Apple's promotional website for iOS 6, was highlighted on Sunday by CNet. In its original form, the site told users that changes "may just make this app the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever."

But the website has since been revised to state that new features such as interactive 3D views and Flyover imagery are "all in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease."

The modified website comes as Apple Chief Executive apologized to customers on Friday with an open letter admitting that the new Maps application in iOS 6 isn't up to his company's standards. He vowed that Apple employees are "doing everything we can to make Maps better."

Upon its debut with iOS 6, Apple's new Maps application was met with widespread criticism from users who complained of incorrect positioning data, poor routing and Flyover rendering issues. Apple's new mapping solution is generally seen as inferior to the product it replaced, which was powered by Google Maps.

Cook also recommended a number of competing mapping applications that users could install or access on their iPhone or iPad. And Apple added a new featured section on its iOS App Store entitled "Find maps for your iPhone" that included a list of 13 alternative mapping applications available to download.

The change to the iOS 6 promotional page isn't the first time Apple has toned down language on its website in the wake of recent news. In June of this year, the company removed a claim that its OS X operating system "doesn't get PC viruses" following the spread of a botnet known as "Flashback." Since then, the website has told visitors that OS X is "built to be safe."