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iPhone dominates smartphone Web traffic with 46% share, report says

Source: Chitika

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Apple's iPhone lineup accounts for nearly half of all internet traffic generated by smartphones in the U.S. and Canada, beating out the market share of next-closest competitor Samsung by over 30 percent, according to research provided by ad network Chitika.

In an update to its report last week, Chitika Insights found that Apple's iPhone accounted for 46 percent of North American smartphone based internet traffic, with the new iPhone 5's 3 percent share representing more than that of BlackBerry and Windows Phone combined.

On Friday, the ad network's research arm released data pitting Web traffic generated by the iPhone 5 against that of Samsung's Galaxy S III, finding that Apple's newest handset passed the Korean company's flagship device after being available for only three weeks.

Wednesday's update digs deeper into Chitika's ad impression data to put the iPhone and Galaxy S III numbers in context, breaking down Web use by device manufacturer.

As mentioned, iPhone 5 accounts for 3 percent of all smartphone Web traffic, compared to the 2 percent seen from the Galaxy S III. Apple's other iPhone models, like last year's iPhone 4S and legacy handsets, took 43 percent of traffic, followed by "other smartphone" makers including RIM and Nokia. Samsung claimed second place with a 15 percent share, excluding the Galaxy S III.

Going further, Chitika's Internet Access Platform Tracker shows that iOS accounts for 48.67 percent of all mobile traffic in the U.S. and Canada, while Android trails with a 48.27 percent share despite owning 52.2 percent of the smartphone market.