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Apple reportedly testing iOS 6.0.1 with keyboard, camera flash, Wi-Fi fixes

Apple is said to have provided its U.S. carrier partners with a pre-release build of iOS 6.0.1, an update for its mobile operating system that will reportedly address a graphical glitch with the virtual keyboard, as well as issues that would cause the camera's flash to not go off when expected.

The forthcoming software update will also address some issues related to Wi-Fi connectivity, BGR reported on Monday. The site also said that Apple plans to add a "consolidated cellular data switch" for iTunes Match, which should help prevent some users from accidentally using their mobile data plan.

Further issues said to be resolved with the software update related to cellular data not working in some cases, a bug that would allow access to Passbook pass details from the lock screen, and an issue in which Exchange meetings could be unexpectedly canceled for an entire group of invitees.

Monday's report also claimed that Apple has begun testing iOS 6.1, suggesting it is unlikely to arrive with the new "iPad mini" expected to be unveiled on Tuesday.

AppleInsider highlighted the iOS 6 keyboard graphical glitch last week, which occasionally shows screen distortion when entering an Apple ID password. The issue is only cosmetic and appears to be limited to the iPhone 5.

Issues related to Wi-Fi with iOS 6 have also been widely reported since the launch of the software update last month. In particular, iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad users have said that they have experienced disabled Wi-Fi connectivity.