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Rumor of 'decimated' Apple pro audio team likely false


Whispers that Apple virtually shut down its pro audio team have been debunked by the well-informed Jim Dalrymple, who offered his trademark "nope" response to the rumors.

Citing unnmaed sources, professional audio blog Pro Tools Expert on Sunday claimed Apple's pro audio application team in Europe had dwindled to only two specialists, including the departure of a key employee whose post will purportedly remain vacant. The drawdown prompted one source to quip that the group had been "decimated."

The rumor gained traction on Tuesday when MacWorld UK picked up the story, however The Loop's Dalrymple said the speculation was unfounded. Dalrymple is well known for his insight and inside connections within the Apple community, and his "yep" and "nope" posts are usually accurate.

Apple's pro audio team is responsible for the company's Logic Pro 9 digital audio workstation, which is now bundled with the Logic Studio suite, hasn't seen a major release since 2009. In the intervening months, other major DAW software makers have made substantial changes to their respective products, further fueling speculation that Apple has put Logic on the back-burner.