Redesigned iMac gets unboxed, torn down just hours after launch [u]

Source: CinematicTech via YouTube

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Just hours after Apple launched sales of its newest iMac, an unboxing video and teardown photos hit the web detailing the sleek new all-in-one from its "trapezoidal" packaging down to its Intel i5 CPU.

Update: AppleInsider reader Ben has shared an unboxing video of his new iMac below.

The pictures, from Japanese Apple blog Kodawarisan, are some of first to offer a peek (machine translation) inside the revamped 21.5-inch iMac, which at its thinnest edge is only 5 millimeters thick. Beneath the monolithic black display is a spartan interior that is hardly cramped for space as the logic board and accompanying circuitry are neatly arranged toward the middle of the chassis.

Source: Kodawarisan

All integral silicon is sealed off from the environment with a flexible rubber gasket system, save for a single opening for the FaceTime HD camera's ribbon cable. The iMac shown in the photos is the high-end version with a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor running at 2.9GHz.

iMac Teardown

A closer look at the logic board itself shows fairly large thermal transfer system that channels heat to a single centralized cooling fan located directly above the hard drive. Heat management looks to be well taken care of with a network of ducts funneling air to all corners of the chassis.

iMac Teardown

Apple started rolling out the slimmed-down iMac on Friday starting with Australia, and U.S. Apple Stores are expected to open their doors with limited stock of the 21.5-inch model in a few hours.