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Apple Store to make Indonesian return after two-year absence

Apple's Indonesian webpage will be getting a makeover soon when the company restarts online sales in the region.

Apple will spend between $2 million and $3 million to reopen Online Apple Store sales, as well as build a brick and mortar Apple Store, in Indonesia after halting operations in the country over shipping issues in late 2010.

Apple's intentions were revealed in a document filed with the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) asking for approval to sell its products in the country, reports NZWeek (via The Next Web). In a statement on Tuesday, BKPM Chairman Chatib Basri said the board had given Apple official approval to begin online sales ahead of constructing an Apple Store in Jakarta.

The $2 million to $3 million dollar investment estimate comes from Azhar Lubis, deputy chariman of BKPM, who said the money will go to the planned brick and mortar location in Indonesia's capital city. Further expenditures are expected to be spent on bolstering the company's supply chain and distribution channels in the region.

While Indonesia has had a dedicated Apple website, products are not available for direct purchase and listings offer only hardware specifications and suggested pricing information. As of this writing, customers looking to buy a new Mac or iPhone still need to visit an Authorized Apple Reseller. It has been reported that Apple did operate an online storefront from 2008 to 2010, but ultimately closed the service due to unspecified shipping issues.

Official opening dates for the Online Apple Store or the Jakarta location have yet to be announced.

Apple most recently opened the digital doors to its iTunes Music Store in Indonesia last month as part of a 56-country rollout of the ubiquitous online media outlet.