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Rumor: Purported 'iPad 5' case shows slimmer design akin to iPad mini

Source: MacRumors

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Images of a case purported to be that of Apple's next-generation full-size iPad appear to show a slightly thinner tablet with smaller side bezels, much like the current iPad mini.

It should be noted that case makers are notoriously unreliable in "leaking" designs of future Apple products, as they obtain information from suspect supply chain sources that many times offer up incorrect data in exchange for a paycheck. A 2011 exposé on the operations of popular manufacturer Hard Candy revealed that the company spent tens of thousands of dollars to get a leg up on competition, and bought moldings it believed to be a next-generation iPhone. The leaks ended up being false, leaving the company with $50,000 worth of useless cases worth only their scrap metal value.

An aftermarket accessory maker used specifications from what it calls a "reliable source" to build the latest, pictured iPad case, which features a slim-bodied design with thin bezels on the left and right of the iPad's display, allowing for a more narrow device width when compared to the current iteration, said MacRumors.

Little else is revealed in the one photo that shows the alleged purpose-built case alongside those made for the iPad mini and current-generation iPad. A hole near the top of the case is said to be meant for the rear-facing microphone, while the bottom port holes show a dual-speaker arrangement like the stereo offering of the iPad mini. A second photo (below), shows the side profile of the three cases in alternatively-colored material.

iPad 5 case

Recent rumors suggest that Apple may move to a twice-a-year model refresh cycle, which could see an upcoming fifth-generation iPad release sometime in March.