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Upcoming T-Mobile event to focus on new wireless plans, Apple products 'unlikely'

Fourth-largest U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile is expected to outline its latest technology and pricing enhancements at an event scheduled for March 26 in New York, but customers awaiting the much-anticipated introduction of Apple's iOS devices to the telecom's network may have to wait a bit longer.

As noted by AllThingsD, T-Mobile is expected to offer its first Apple devices to customers in 2013, though the publication does not expect such an announcement to be made at next week's event. Instead, the company will likely focus on its push into high-speed LTE data and a move away from subsidized pricing plans.

The carrier is said to have bolstered its network in Las Vegas and Kansa City to handle 4G LTE, but has yet to flip the switch on the service that would allows customers access to faster data speeds. Of the top four U.S. telecoms, T-Mobile is the last to roll out the protocol to customers.

As for new pricing options, T-Mobile will reportedly move away from subsidizing handsets for contract customers, instead putting more emphasis on its "value plans"

Meanwhile, the company has also said it plans to shift away from subsidizing phones for contract customers in favor of its “value plans," which has subscribers pay full price for a smartphone, but with lower monthly rates. This saves customers money in the long term as long as they stay with T-Mobile.