Apple reportedly discussing deeper Yahoo service integration for iOS

Examples of Yahoo data on iOS.

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It was reported on Tuesday that Apple and Yahoo are reportedly in talks regarding how to better integrate the search company's various services into iOS, building on existing features like sports scores and weather information.

While Apple already uses data from Yahoo Finance, weather and sports stats to power various first-party apps, including its Siri virtual assistant, sources tell The Wall Street Journal that the two companies are looking to expand their partnership.

According to a person familiar with the discussions, data from Yahoo News and other Yahoo Web properties could be "preloaded" onto Apple's iOS devices, with much of the focus being directed toward Siri functionality. Currently, Yahoo's presence on iOS is limited to the Stocks app, the Weather app, a search option in mobile Safari and sports scores as accessed through Siri.

The Journal points out that no concrete deals have been made and the talks are still their early stages.

Although speculation, Apple could potentially be looking to further deprecate Google integration in iOS, replacing existing services with those from Yahoo. With iOS 6, Apple made clear that it is looking to expel Google from first-party apps, as the company deprecated the search giant's data from the Maps app and removed the built-in YouTube app, both of which were iOS mainstays since 2007.