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AT&T to reportedly drop HTC's 'Facebook Phone' following sluggish sales

After just over a month of sputtering sales, and a subsequent price drop to $0.99, AT&T will reportedly discontinue the HTC First, otherwise known as the "HTC Facebook Phone."

According to an inside source, HTC's First, the first handset to come with Facebook's "Home" launcher pre-installed, has performed so poorly that AT&T will end sales of the device return all unsold units to HTC, reports BGR.

While exact numbers have yet to be revealed, the person claims AT&T saw nationwide sales creep along since the First debuted in early April, moving less than 15,000 units through last week. The telecom recently dropped the price of the smartphone down to $0.99.

The publication notes that HTC reserved dedicated floor space for the phone, and posits that the deep discount was meant to move as much inventory as possible before the time period is up.

However, AT&T in a follow-up statement that "as mentioned previously, we do pricing promotions all the time and have made no decisions on future plans."

The First was billed as the flagship device for Facebook's Home experience, as it was optimized to take advantage of the social network giant's Android launcher. While it appears that the U.S. run of the handset is coming to an end, future international availability remains unknown.