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Facebook's Share Dialog for connected iOS apps promises enhanced usability, easy coding

Facebook on Monday brought its Share Dialog out of beta which, once adopted by iOS app developers, will allow users to share content in-app without first having to sign in to the social network.

Share Dialog

With the Share Dialog, developers will be able to add rich sharing functionality into their apps with a single line of code, letting users skip one to three steps previously required to login, Facebook said in a post to its developer blog.

Akin to a buffed "Like" button, the new Share Dialog lets Facebook users interact with content on mobile. The new code goes further, however, allowing for friend tagging and location data to be attached to posts shared via connected apps.

In addition to the streamlined functionality, the new system adds to the current iOS 6 share sheet by supporting Open Graph actions.

Developers can read more about the Share Dialog through Facebook's webpage dedicated to the feature, while the latest SDK is available here (direct download).

Facebook for iOS was recently updated less than a week ago with enhanced photo sharing options and improved check-ins.