Images of supposed 'iPhone 5S' display match with 'leaked' logic board

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Coming on the heels of images purporting to show the logic board of the next-generation "iPhone 5S," photos alleging to be of the handset's display have surfaced, with a flex cable orientation suggesting the two parts are from the same device.

The "blurrycam" images, shared by MacRumors, don't reveal much in the way of new features or components, though this is to be expected as many believe Apple's next-generation iPhone will carry over the design of the current iPhone 5.

What has changed, however, are the flex connectors that attach to the logic board. Unlike the iPhone 5, which sported two cables with horizontally disposed connectors, the supposedly leaked display has one vertical connector and one horizontal. This matches with a bare logic board pictured earlier on Monday.

As seen in the photo below, the logic board's connector layout matches that of the rumored 5S display. It should be noted that an overlay of the the two image does not yield a perfect match, though it is plausible that the disparity can be accounted for by Apple's cable routing. For example, the longer of the two flex cables may have to run over other internal structures, while the shorter cable has a direct route to its connector plug.


While not concrete evidence that the two parts are indeed made to be interoperable, the pairing does make the the rumored device leaks somewhat plausible. It should be noted, however, that the components may not necessarily be bound for the next-gen iPhone, and could be prototype versions build for testing purposes.

With Apple widely expected to launch the successor to its iPhone 5 sometime this fall, a number of pictures claiming to show parts from the forthcoming handset have surface in recent weeks, suggesting that production of the device could begin soon. Recently leaked components include a FaceTime camera, home button, dual-weight vibration motor, and a sampling of multicolored SIM trays, volume rockers, and mute switches.