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Supposed Apple 'iPhone 5S' components again hint at new gold color option

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Speculation that Apple's follow-up to the iPhone 5 is imminent got a boost on Monday, as new images of supposed components emerged, adding to the impression that Apple's production efforts for its next smartphone are already underway with brand new color options.

The images first emerged on Chinese site Weibo (via, appearing to contrast purported iPhone 5S components with corresponding parts from an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S. Notably, the "iPhone 5S" parts are the same color as those that showed up in mid-May, leading some to presume that Apple will offer its next iPhone with multiple color options beyond black and white.


The power button, SIM card tray, volume rocker, and mute switch shown in the leak are each rather similar to each other, suggesting that the supposed iPhone 5S will not see significant design changes from the iPhone 5's look. The internal components also shown off in the shots suggest little regarding the purported device's capabilities.


The iPhone 5 launched to record sales only just over eight months ago, but industry observers and Apple fans have been talking about its follow-up almost since then. Some speculated that Apple would launch the next iPhone this summer, cutting down on the time between models much as it did with the fourth-generation iPad. Such talk appeared to die down, though, when Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the fall of 2013 for when to expect new iOS devices.


Should the new iPhone debut over the summer, Apple could unveil it during the keynote at its WWDC conference next week. Apple in recent years, though, has taken to showing off new iOS devices at their own special events. This year's WWDC, however, will likely see the unveiling of new versions of iOS and Mac OS X.