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Multi-colored SIM trays allegedly for 'iPhone 5S' may signal more color options

High-resolution photos of what may be components from Apple's next-generation iPhone have leaked to the Internet, with multi-colored SIM trays adding to rumors that the so-called "iPhone 5S" will be available in more than just black and white.

Images of a loudspeaker bracket, ear speaker bracket, vibrating motor assembly, Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon, and SIM card tray were given to BGR by a trusted source. Even should they prove real, the new components reveal little beyond the truism that Apple is working on a successor to the iPhone 5; any potential functionality of such a device cannot be discerned from the components.

The leak contains two SIM card trays, one in gray and the other in a golden or beige hue. Should these indeed prove to be iPhone components, the differently-colored SIM card trays could indicate that the next iPhone will be available in multiple colorways beyond the current black and white. Such rumors have previously arisen, with estimates of the number of available colors ranging from three to eight.

Rumors abound as to the capabilities of Apple's next handset. It is presumed that, since it came after a major hardware change, the iPhone 5 successor will be more of an incremental update, adding some new features but retaining the same overall design.


Previous off-year updates included the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S. In the case of the iPhone 3GS, the 'S' stood for Speed, while with the 4S it stood for Siri, the virtual assistant introduced with that model. With the presumed 5S, the S could stand for Security, as Apple is said to be working on a fingerprint-scanning home button that would allow for secure purchases and access.

Possible "iPhone 5S" components have been leaking for months now, as speculation builds that Apple will soon release a new smartphone. Previous leaks have shown off supposed camera components, vibration motors, and a home button.

Occasionally, these leaks contain information on a supposed launch date for the next iPhone. Earlier in the year, the summer was a popular option, with the assumption that Apple would move to a more aggressive release schedule with its iPhone in order to counter Samsung's rise.

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared during the company's last conference call to silence those rumors, though. Speaking on when Apple fans might expect new products, Cook pointed to the fall of 2013, saying that the company has "surprises in the works" for that time frame and throughout 2014.