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Rumor: Russian video shows iPad version of iOS 7 beta

A fresh video from Russia claims to show the iPad iteration of iOS 7 beta, which has yet to be officially released by Apple, with fairly high resolution images and a brief walkthrough of the operating system's main features.

Russian iOS 7

Posted to YouTube on Tuesday, the video purportedly shows an exclusive first look at the iOS 7 beta for iPad, a version not yet released to developers.

Because AppleInsider cannot verify the veracity of the video's contents, it is offered here for purposes of discussion only.

As seen in the short clip, the basic functionality seen in the iOS 7 beta for iPhone is included with the rumored built for iPad version. the same iconography is used, complete with moving hands on the Clock app and home screen animations.

The Notification Center and Command Center panes slide down and up as expected, though neither takes advantage of the full width of the iPad's screen.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the parallax view touted at WWDC is not present in this iteration of the OS, or the narrator has turned the function off. The background wallpaper looks to be a take on one of the new stills provided by Apple.

Also shown is how iOS 7 may handle apps not created for iPad. The usual "2X" implementation is still there, but the UI is slightly revamped, without buttons or other skeuomorphic cues.