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Apple applies for 'iWatch' trademark in Mexico and Taiwan

Artist's rendition of purported Apple smartwatch. | Source: Yrving Torrealba

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Following news of Apple's "iWatch" trademark filing in Japan, identical applications were made public in Mexico and Taiwan on Monday, adding to the mounting pile of reports pointing to the company's possible entry into the wearable computing device market.

Like the Japan filing, Apple requested protection of the "iWatch" moniker in Mexico and Taiwan on June 3, just two days prior to yet another application in Russia. All requests pertain to computing hardware or, more specifically, portable computing devices.

Included in of the filing with Mexico's Institute of Industrial Property, as first discovered by 9to5Mac, Apple includes a basic graphic of the name, which reads "IWATCH" in bold block letters. Also noted in the document is Apple's name and address at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, though the application was lodged by a local law firm.

Graphic included in Apple's Mexican "iWatch" trademark application.

According to a separate report by MacRumors, the Taiwan filing also bears the same graphic and notes Apple's name and California headquarters.

While there has yet to be any "leaks" surrounding the supposed device, many reports cite insiders as saying Apple is hard at work on the "iWatch" project. Also unknown is what form the purported device will take, though most believe it will look like an advanced wristwatch.

AppleInsider was first to discover a U.S. Apple patent filing in February for a wearable computing device that boasted a flexible touchscreen fitted to a bendable bracelet.

Due to cost and the current state of technology, such a design is unlikely to appear anytime soon, though the technical features detailed by the invention could make it into a possible first-generation product.

Other tech companies like Apple rival Samsung have already announced that they will be rolling out "smart watch" products later in 2013. With the exception of Google Glass, the head-mounted augmented reality "glasses" device, most are believed to be wrist-worn.

Most recently, Apple's partner manufacturer Foxconn announced it will debut an iPhone-compatible smart watch this year, complete with biometric data sensors and low-level remote control features.