New Deux Ex game for iOS hobbles gameplay if device is jailbroken

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Gamers looking to play the first-person shooter Deus Ex are in for a surprise if they download the game on a jailbroken device: its developer has hobbled their copies in order to make sure they can't fully run.

Released on Wednesday, the new Deus Ex game for iOS is already receiving some complaints from users that have jailbroken their devices and paid for the game. Square Enix's product page for the game doesn't warn users that they will not fully be able to play the game if their devices are jailbroken, and the title has a number of negative reviews pointing out this fact.

After the game's initial cutscenes and a movement tutorial, jailbreakers will encounter a screen informing them that they cannot fire their weapons since they are on jailbroken devices. Jailbreaking is legal, but it may void a user's warranty, and game and app publishers are wary of jailbroken machines since the process makes it possible to side-load pirated apps without paying for them.

One hallmark of the Deux Ex series is the flexibility in play style enabled by the games' design. It is conceivable that a player could stealthily move throughout the whole game without firing weapon, but only if the player can make it past the first stage, which appears to require the use of at least one weapon.

Non-jailbroken users can download Deus Ex: The Fall from the iTunes App Store for $7. The 1.6GB game requires an iPad 3 or above, iPad mini, iPhone 4S or above, or an iPod touch 5 or above. Square Enix notes that iPad 2 and iPhone 4 support is coming soon.