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Smash & grab iPhone thief caught after leaving his Samsung Galaxy behind

A man who broke into a Springfield, VA wireless store smashed a display case and grabbed "several iPhones," but was apprehended after police discovered he had left behind his Samsung Galaxy.

According to a report by the Washington Post, 25 year old Travis Montgomery Snyder was arrested after authorities tracked him down using his smartphone account.

Snyder was seen in the DMW Wireless store's security cam footage and set off the stores alarm. But he wasn't caught until police at the scene discovered his Samsung Galaxy under the broken glass he left behind "inside the front of the door."

"No word on whether he was seeking an upgrade," the newspaper quipped.

Apple's iPhones are frequent targets of theft because they retain value and are relatively easy to resell. In iOS 7, Apple has worked to develop an activation lock designed to prevent thieves from being able to simply wipe and resell pilfered phones.

iOS 7 iCloud Activation Lock

The new system works with iCloud to require the owner's account and password before reactivating, even if thieves try to wipe the device first.