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Leaked video shows off Moto X voice and gesture controls, reveals launch window


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A new video leaked ahead of the release of the Moto X demonstrates some of the features of the forthcoming Motorola flagship device, including its ability to receive audio commands from the user without any physical interaction required.

The video is a promotional spot from Canadian wireless carrier Rogers, and it demonstrates the Moto X's continuous listening ability. Since the device is constantly listening for user audio input, users can activate search features such as Google Now with just their voice by speaking a preset phrase, such as "OK, Google Now..."

Users can also activate the device's digital assistant functions, causing the Moto X to send text messages, place calls, and carry out other tasks.

In addition to the voice-activated aspects, Motorola has packed a number of other new interface features into its forthcoming device. Instead of notification LEDs, the Moto X will feature a flickering image on-screen that shows which app is pushing out a notification.

Users can also activate the camera app on the phone with a double-flick wrist motion. When the camera app is open, users can take pictures by tapping on the screen or activate burst mode by holding a finger to the screen.

For Motorola, the new Moto X represents the company's continuing effort to regain relevance in a smartphone industry largely dominated by Apple and Samsung. Since Google purchased the phone maker in 2012, the search giant has been looking to turn Motorola into a viable Android manufacturer to counter Samsung, which makes 40 percent of the Android phones in consumer hands, as well as an overwhelming portion of the profit in the Android segment.

The Moto X will be assembled in the United States, a fact that Motorola recently began touting in the pre-release marketing for the device. The Moto X will also come in an array of colors, and reportedly with customization options for users ordering a handset online. This last feature, though, may be only available to customers in the United States, as the Rogers commercial makes no mention of customization options.

The video pegs August as the time frame for the device's release, which is in keeping with observer predictions. Motorola is expected to unveil the device in the next few weeks.