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Apple developer website outage lingers for more than a day

An outage of Apple's Dev Center website has persisted for the last day, prompting developers to wonder when the online resource will return.

Numerous developers began to reach out to AppleInsider on Thursday, when the Apple Dev Center sites for iOS and OS X first went offline. As the outage carried into Friday, the number of developers concerned about the downtime only grew.

A number of developers said they can't remember an outage that's lasted as long as the one currently in effect. During the period, the site has displayed a message telling developers that it will "be back soon."

"This site is undergoing maintenance for an extended period today," the iOS and OS X sites read. "Thanks for your patience."

During the downtime, a number of developers also took to Twitter to discuss the unusual length of unavailability. Some developers voiced complaints that they have been unable to access the resources Apple makes available through the site.

"Pretty astonished that we're now beyond 24 hours of Apple iOS Dev Center maintenance downtime," Jonathan Ozeran wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon. "Haven't seen that before. #HugeInconvenience"