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Apple restores all Developer Center services after 3-week downtime

Apple sent out emails to developers early Saturday saying all Developer Center services are back online, and that the company is extending a month membership to all teams to make up for the prolonged downtime.

The short update to developers, which apologizes for the service outage that lasted just over three weeks, comes five days after Apple announced plans to have the portal at full capacity by the end of this week.

A quick check of the system status webpage dedicated to the Dev Center confirms all functions are online.

Apple's Dev Center was taken offline on Jul. 18, though Apple waited one day before acknowledging the issue. It was later learned that "an intruder" compromised the website. All sensitive data was said to be encrypted.

Eight days later, Apple brought portions of the system back online and continued to roll out services until all functionality was restored on Saturday.

Apple has yet to reveal the identity of those responsible for the self-imposed downtime, but one researcher claimed responsibility shortly after the outage began in July.